petek, 31. avgust 2012

Nail Challenge!

Ne pozabiti, jutri začnemo z izzivom, jupiiiii! Če se še kdo želi pridružiti, še je čas! 
Don't forget, tomorrow we start with the challenge, yaaaay! If anyone would still like to join, just do it! 

6 komentarjev:

  1. I know I'm totally missing this week, cause I'm totally feeling dark blue and that does not work for antique...


  2. Hi sweeties... just wanted to let you know that I will post my antique design sometime tomorrow (um today) :)
    I have had so much essays to take care of this week so I haven´t prepared a look so I will probably post it late Saturday night :)

  3. I am excited! I just finished my nail art for todays challenge polkadots for the 31 day challenge, and later this day I will take that one off and make the nail art for this challenge!
    I have a great idea and Im really curious if Im gonna pull it of haha



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