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Beauty Tag

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

2. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
I don`t dye my hair. 

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?
I`m trying to change it. 

4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
 Actually my sister do it :-)

5. How often do you change your nail polish?
2x a week.

6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
Just is the summer.

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup?
About 5 minutes for everyday. 

8. What do you do first? Face or eyes?

9. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I buy what I need but you know that sometimes you get something ... ;-)

10. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?

11. Do you wear makeup when you're home alone or with family?

12. Will you leave the house without makeup?

13. How many high-end products do you have?

14. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting dressed?
If I`m working in the morning than I prepare everything the night before.

15. How tall are you?
176 cm

16. Do you speak any foreign languages?

17. Do you keep a list of products to try or do you see other posts?
I see other posts.

18. How did you come up with your blog name?
We were trying different names until we find one that we both liked.

19. What's your favourite colour?

20. Do you swear?
Not as much as I used to :-P


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nedelja, 10. avgust 2014

Ocena Afroditinih izdelkov za nego obraza // Afrodita skin care review

Po več kot enem mesecu je že pravi čas za obljubljeno oceno Afroditinih izdelkov. Moji prvi vtisi so bili zelo pozitivni, kako pa je po več tednih? :) 
After more than a month it's time for the promised review of Afrodita products. My first impressions were really positive, and how about after a few weeks? :)

Afroditini izdelki, ki jih uporabljam // Afrodita products I use

Po super prvih vtisih in ker mi je ravno zmanjkalo še pene za čiščenje obraza in kreme za okrog oči, se je moja zbirka Afroditinih izdelkov še malce povečala. ;) Ampak začnimo na začetku … 
After great first impressions and because I've just ran out of cleaning foam and eye cream, my Afrodita collection got a bit bigger. ;) But lets start at the beginning. 

četrtek, 07. avgust 2014

Paketek za lepši dan // A package that made my day

Letos me je Božiček obiskal malce bolj zgodaj. Zgleda, da sem bila tako pridna. :-D Vsa darilca je nakupil kar na strani
This year, Santa visited me a little earlier. I guess I was so good. :-D He bought all the gifts on!

Makeup Revolutin & I Heart Makeup

nedelja, 03. avgust 2014

Sleek: Garden of Eden

Hello, pretty! 

Sleek Garden of Eden

Ne morem verjet, da vam te še nisem pokazala. Obožuuuujem Sleek palete in zadnje čase so vse noro dobre. Ko sem zagledala Garden of Eden, sem se pa zaljubila - barve so popolne zame!
I can't believe I haven't shown you this beauty yet. I love love love Sleek and the palettes they keep making lately are gorgeouuus! When I saw Garden of Eden pictures I fell in love - the colours are just perfect for me!

Sleek Garden of Eden

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