sreda, 28. december 2011

Today's Nails

Takšni so moji nohti danes. Za praznike sem jih pustila počivati, zdaj pa ni več šlo ... 
That's how my nails look today. I let them rest for the holidays, but it's been enough! 


Barry M Croc Effect in Beauty UK zlat lak iz Glitz & Glam. 
Barry M Croc Effect and Beauty UK gold nail polish from Glitz & Glam. 

5 komentarjev:

  1. so awesome!!! come do my nails, please? I think I might use that special new polish I have for New Year's...if I find out where it went LOL


  2. Haha, poor lost nail polish! :D
    My nails will be just like that on New Year's Eve, I love it :D It took me 3 failed tries to read the instructions on the bottle, and then the polish worked XD

  3. Super kombinacija <3


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