torek, 08. november 2011

Giveaway 2 ;)

Očitno je že predčasno božič, objavljam namreč link do še enih darilc. ;) Super in zelo prijazna punca s Portugalske podarja namreč božično darilce, kako do njega, pa izveste na linku: 
I think it's already Christmas since there's a new link to another giveaway. ;) A great and very nice girl from Portugal is giving away a "Christmas gift" and you can find out how to get it here:

Navodila so v angleščini, tako da so razumljiva za vse, nagrada pa izgleda takole: 
Instructions are in English, so everyone can understand them, and the gift looks like that: 

Pa da vidimo, če sem bila dovolj pridna in mi kaj uspe dobiti. :D
Let's see if I was nice enough this year and I can win something. :D

4 komentarji:

  1. thank you for doing this...I'm pretty sure you'll get nice stuff from Christmas, even if its not from my giveaway =)

    and yeah, I love those =)


  2. If nothing else, I'll make sure to buy something nice myself XD Every excuse for shopping is great! :D

  3. oh yeah, you have great taste in TV...

    I do watch Pretty Little Liars, but I am pretty bored with the second season...


  4. Really? Well the first one was better, but they caught my attention with the Halloween episode XD


Hvala za komentar! Z veseljem ga bova prebrali. :)

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